NEPAL , y’all


We (Hubby and I ) made it to Nepal for this little one and his older brother. It was a long trip complicated by the youngest who had yet another ER visit on the Sunday before we were to leave on Tuesday. Lots of pauses and talks and thoughts about leaving were before us, but we got on the plane, had a plan in place and communication set up so we could still be in touch.

The youngest has this opportunity to grow and become without us hovering about interfering with his development but it is hard. From the other side of the world there is really not much you can do , say or manage but the Internet helps. And then the Doctor tagged us about the youngest not eating, and his weight loss. So we are now trying to figure out from this side of the world what the youngest can do on the other side that will help him and restore balance to his eating , working day. His last ER VISIT was because he had skipped breakfast and possibly supper the night before so his blood sugar was 86 – after a glass of orange juice, as a nurse This probably means he was in the 50’s for his fasting which is way too low.

so a new plan is in place, and when we get back we will do some label reading so the youngest can make good choices. For now he has promised to eat and his sister is on board helping him with grocery shopping low carb , better protein, and a little fat .

So my prayer for today is for balance, balance in eating, balance in exercise, balance in all things because we are fearfully and wonderfully made by the creator let us embrace ourselves the round ones (round is a shape so I am in shape lol), the tall ones , the short ones, and all those in between May we find balance and health and acceptance of who we are and become more focused on the one who created us rather than what the media and others tell us we should be. It is He who hath made us and not we ourselves” let us lean on Him the creator of all, because He remains in, over and through all things AMEN