We have returned from Nepal, at least most of us have lol. My ears still are not quite right, and my stomach still a bit uneasy but we are back on American soil. I have to say I am spoiled beyond compare. Nepal, Kathmandu in particular, is not the vacation place anyone would long to go to. The city is dusty, smoggy dirty and less than “touristy”, but perhaps that is because on day 4 of the trip my sinuses could no longer handle the dust, smog and incense burning and from that point on I was down for the count.

The youngest lost one of his jobs while we were there and he has been down since then. We returned amidst me having nausea vomiting, diarrhea from Kathmandu to Dubai where we were pulled off the plane to the bowels of the Dubai airport seeing the doctor and then re-booking  to get home at about the same time after clearance from the Dubai doctor that I was fit to fly, long story short I am still recovering from that and jet lag.

The youngest now has a stomach virus and has spent two days and possibly will be more here at home. I am not sure this is a good thing as we are back in the old dynamic of us taking care of him when he is capable of doing so himself but there you go. It is what it is , hopefully he will go back to his vocational rehab on Thursday, we will be praying for that for sure.

Thankful today because I can breathe even if my ear hurts. Thankful that we can wash clothes in the washer without worrying if there will be water or electricity. Thankful I went to Nepal, even though I was to help with the eldest and the newest grandson but was ill. Humbled again at the workers in foreign countries around the world who are bringing God’s light into their worlds. These worlds which are filled with idols and empty worship of inanimate objects and burning incense to gods which are dead. Thankful for the living Lord who has placed on the hearts of these workers that are in these countries making a difference in small and large ways for a little while or for a much longer time and for their perseverance in their missions AMEN


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