So I was reading today – it is Sunday – one of my new devotionals and the author posed the question ” Let’s identify where you live. From where do you typically operate your life? Are you on Natural Street… or Supernatural Avenue? Are you on Worldly Blvd… or Out of this World Street? Do you live on Past Labels Avenue… or Christ Says Blvd? Are you defined by your achievements, past, titles, appearances, or the standards of others/your church? Or are you defined by what God has done for you in Christ?  The author was posing the question in reference to Abiding In Christ from John 15 IAM the vine and you are the branches.( from Arabah Joy – A showcase for His glory)

I don’t know how to answer this question, it seems I am caught in this worldly Blvd, stuck with schizophrenia continually on my mind. The youngest had a hard day today. We made it to church – success. We actually went in the front door through the sanctuary, shook hands with the guest speaker – success. But it was check my pulse quite often and he was fretful, came to church mainly because he did not want to leave my sight. I don’t know how to deal with the constant shadow , I think it is nice to be needed but when the need becomes more of an obsession, it becomes this dark thing that needs light and honesty and space as well as change. It has been a generally successful holiday with people coming and going. But getting out and then back into routine can be trying so we will see what this week brings and hopefully getting back into routine will be easier than imagined .