This is a blog written by a mom whose son has schizophrenia. It is my experience with him, his therapy, and the creator of all things, GOD. Some times it is me talking and sometimes it is the Spirit Source because I believe as it says in Ephesians there is ” one God the father of all, who is in all things, over all things and through all things”. Hopefully you,  the reader, will be uplifted , informed, and compassionate while reading this blog.


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  1. I praise God for your website, sometimes I feel that I am alone with my worries about have an adult child with the suspicious tha she have schizophrenia and I can’t get the way to tell her that I am worry about that with out hurting her or make her upset. I am being praying for answers how I can talk to her about it in the right time and,the right way to address this. She is 35 year old, recently got divorced,do you believe that can be spiritual warfare?


    • There are lots of things I do not understand in this broken world. If you can talk with your daughter or you get to a counseling place -I go to a Christian counselor every other week – this may help sort out your fears and help you approach your daughter in love so she gets the help she needs and both of you will be on my prayer list Isaiah 41:10 is my go to verse when I am in fear memorize it post it where you can see it multiple times a day and Know that God is in the battle before you behind you and around you

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  2. Thank you. I am in fear so much all the time! I cry all the time for my son whom I love so much it truly hurts. He has paranoid Sz and lives at home with his father. He doesn’t have much of a life going on, but he is safe. He isn’t living on the streets, but I still worry constantly this could happen! The what ifs keep me in a state of panic. Your Bible scripture is very much appreciated. I have taken to praying aloud not only for my son, but also for me that I will be able to find peace in this murky, bewildering world.

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    • Yes fear sits in the corner of my rooms and tries with all it’s might to take hold of my senses Isaiah 41:10 says do not fear for IAM with you do not be dismayed for IAM your God and I will stregthen you and help you and uphold you in my righteous right hand. The Lord blessed me with that before we even knew my son was having issues and I have prayed it a lot in the days since . So hang in there know that God is the God who is in all things ,over all things and through all things Ephesians 4:6 HUgs to you on this Mother’s day

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