And another push

So this week the youngest and myself went to visit a place which does transitional housing, vocational rehab, and general transitioning for those with mental health issues. Here are some good things that happened.

1: the youngest went even though he was a bit annoyed  that I had made the appointment

2: once there he was polite, interacted with the admissions director, asked really good questions and I think actually enjoyed himself

3: upon leaving he said he was glad he went, and he knows he has work to do in order to get to a place where he will be successful should he choose to go to this place,

So the little push perhaps will keep the forward motion going, lift the spirit into actually doing something rather than just talking about it. I am really, really thankful for this progress. This being the first day of Lent, we are supposed to be thinking of things to give up, but this year I think I am called to receive more of what God has for me, and this means that I will need to spend time meditating and reading the word and trying not to get too busy with stuff but embrace the stillness and quietitude, let the spirit speak and let me listen and learn.