Fortitude and mothering

So this past weekend was Mother’s Day here and it was a time of reflection for me. Are there things I could have done better – absolutely. The preacher’s sermon on Sunday was from the love chapter in Corinthians. As Paul states in 13:4 love is patient. Wow, the first order of love is patience. I honesty don’t think I had thought of that before. In dealing with the youngest it requires a lot of patience. From the random “I think I am having a heart attack” to ” I don’t think I am breathing right” to today’s ” I have yellow bruises on my stomach” yes it does require patience and sometimes super patience. I am not what you would call a patient person – just ask any of my children or my hubby, patience is not the first word to come out of their mouth! In all this work with the youngest I am learning patience and I am thankful that God hasn’t give up on me yet and is still allowing me through grace to learn patience after all He is slow to anger.

Fortitude- that is the word of the day from another blogger Darlene Schacht – the time warp wife. I have been doing her study of virtues and this week it is fortitude. What a good word, it means keeping on , going forward, moving ahead and for Christians it is keeping your eyes fixed upon the Author and Finisher. Fortitude is one trait I think most moms will agree comes upon us at the birth of our first child. Especially if he or she is a colically little thing that cries and cries and cries ( shout out to my eldest on her first Mother’s Day) and yes she did have colic!!! Fortitude also means that you are no longer reliant upon your strength alone, but lean into and on the Supreme Being so that His strength resides in you. Christian fortitude also brings a sense of hope, knowing that God is in all things, over all things and through all things.

So today my prayer is that I remain with fortitude to reach the level of patience needed and that I rest in the Almighty whose patience and wisdom abound. That those around me feel His love through me even on my not so patient days and on those days when I want to be buried under a rock till all this mess passes that I will sense His strength and fortitude. May you also find that patience and fortitude, moms and dads, brothers and sisters AMEN