Grace and mercy

So this week has been a week of grace and mercy. I realized at family meeting that there was a lot of built up anger over the years and that I needed to work on myself a lot. I came upon grace and mercy. You see grace is underserved favor and mercy is getting better than what you deserve. So this week I thought a lot about grace and mercy and I realized that everyone needs both of these all the time. But my problem is that we can’t bestow grace and mercy until we have received it as it comes from the Lord and all His goodness. And if we can’t bestow it, it is just potential grace and mercy. The other thing about grace and mercy is that if you don’t think you are wrong you aren’t willing to receive grace and mercy, after all you are doing things just right and therefore no grace and mercy is required. As a Christian I have the responsibility to hold out grace and mercy to  everyone, and to speak the truth in love. If someone receives it, great, but if not then there is nothing to be done except pray for closed minds, closed eyes and closed ears to be opened. This is the hard part to continue to hold out grace and mercy to everyone – even if the wrong is still occurring and slapping you in the face daily. 

So grace and mercy, mercy and grace have been my companions this week, the youngest has done well, showering every other day and shampooing his hair and shaving . This is an awesome thing and it has been initiated by himself no reminders from mom!

So my prayer today is that you will see mercy and grace daily, let mercy and grace pour out from you to others who may need it and may not realize it. Apply mercy and grace to any situation because Christ applies mercy and grace to us as a healing salve to bind us forever in a relationship that will last forever –  ” I will never leave nor forsake you” Christ says, and I believe Him – amen.