Is it any wonder, persevere through it all

So last Sunday night I was doing the pill-box and noted that I would need some more of one of the youngest’s prescription medications. Usually this is not a big deal and a quick email through the electronic chart system does the job, but not this time. I did the email, noting the youngest’s progress and when his next appointment was and what medication he needed a refill in and thought it was set.  Tuesday I spoke with both the doctor and the nurse and both assured me that it would be taken care of that day. So Wednesday called the pharmacy – no refill had been called in. This prescription is controlled and has to be verbally called in by the doctor not faxed. So I called and left a message with the nurse. Thursday still no refill at the pharmacy.  So again another phone call message left, email sent and again I was assured that by the end of the day Friday this would happen. Saturday no refill at this point I know there is no point in trying to call the office because it is closed. I try not to show my frustration because the youngest is already having a rough end of the week and my frustration only escalates his anxiety, so yet another email sent this time in bold letters stating that by Tuesday we will be completely out and his appointment is not until Thursday. The Pharmacist was kind enough to offer some suggestions as well as to offer a different medicine which is not controlled that the youngest may want to try after we see the doctor.  That information was also in the email. Sunday 6p.m., finally refill called in will be picked up tomorrow and all is back to even.

But imagine if you have a serious mental disease, and how easy it would be to not persevere, how easy it would be to just not deal with the situation which increases your anxiety. It truly is no wonder at all why persons who have serious mental problems often go off their meds because the system which is designed to protect both consumers and doctors, is also very complex and complicated. I do not have any solution to this dilemma, this is just an observation. Which all those normal people don’t get, they just think “well he/she shouldn’t have gone off their meds” but it is not that simple. Perhaps what is needed is some compassion, kindness and a little thought before judging.  Even lending a hand to those who can not persevere, for whatever reason can be helpful. And even this sometimes is not enough because those with brain dysfunction are many times paranoid, and fearful, and scared.


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