Metonoai , change the way you thinkkk

So this week has been different , at family therapy the youngest said something like  ” I just hate that you (meaning me and dad) are having to go through this” . And it caught me off guard and I was overcome with a big lump in my throat. The therapist asked me how that made me feel to hear that and I said” it makes me sad, and to the youngest I said ” would you hate it if you had pneumonia, or some other illness, because really it is the same thing” “We would go to the doctor, find appropriate treatment and move forward, the difference is this is a longterm disease, and it is a mental health issue, but you are not the disease.” I also told him he needed to take ownership and have authority over the disease because again he is not the disease.

I am not sure any of it got through but I will keep telling him this because I do not see the disease when I look at him. What I see is a kind, big-hearted,poet , and a sensitive young man who at the present is struggling to overcome this disease called schizophrenia.

The title above references a Greek word which has been translated in the bible as repent, but the closer meaning is to change the way you think. What if we all changed the way we think from” he’s a schizophrenic,to he has a disease called schizophrenia” . What a small but subtle change In The way we think would come about. Perhaps we would see the person instead of first seeing the disease and honor  the person while trying to understand the disease. Perhaps we would not be so inclined to judge or spout about what changes need to be made, or how to “fix” the person, rather we would just love the person and move towards helping the person become the best person he or she could be under the circumstances and wouldn’t it be great if we did this for everyone not just those with a mental disease. Metonoai  – CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK!!!!


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