My fingers are pink, and my pulse is strong

Sometimes you just have to wing it!!! There are no textbooks about how to unstick someone whose brain is stuck. There are theories, and trials not one book on unsticking or getting the sympathetic brain to talk to the parasympathetic brain, so sometimes you just wing it!!

the youngest has an obsession with me checking his pulse as I mentioned in a previous post but he is better so I am trying to rewrite or overwrite this obsession now each time he requests me check his pulse I get him to tell me ” my fingers are pink , and my pulse is strong” then I check his pulse and say your pulse is 80 or whatever and this is why your fingers are pink and your pulse is strong! Simple so that perhaps one day soon I hope he will be able to look and see his pink fingers and that will be that and he will move on to whatever activity he needs to do. I do not know if this will work, but I am going to try it because it is  simple and harmless and I can do this easily so we shall see if it works  – perhaps I need to write that textbook about unsticking someone lol


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