Rain, rain, go away

So it has been raining this whole holiday and rainy days can be terrible for the youngest . The whole depression thing kicks up another notch with the rain so constant, but this time and for now the depression has not set in. This is a good thing.

yesterday we went in for his blood work and for his EEG. The blood work went well and we had an excellent phlebotomist who chatted away and did one stick for three tubes of blood- excellent. The off to the hospital where there was lots of commotion,noise, and people. People of all sorts, shapes and sizes milling about, doing their jobs, waiting for appointments, and  being there with loved ones. It was a typical hospital. The youngest kept saying “I can’t do this” and yet he did and he did it without his heart rate going out the roof, and no fainting spells and no more seizures. The test technician was kind and throughly explained what she was doing and it didn’t take too long – we were home by noon just in time for the arrival of the group from Tennessee and the onslaught of fussy tired baby but the youngest did well and for that I am thankful.

When we go to group next week I will remind the youngest that ever though he said he couldn’t , he did and did the job successfully. I will continue to remind him of this and other successes until he incorporates this positive message into his own self talk. I hope this will occur soon and I pray over this knowing that I have no control over any of it, but I know the one who is in control and again I am thankful.  I recall John 16:33 daily and the fact – yes FACT – that He has over come this world brings great comfort. Peace, Joy and Hope be with you, amen.