Run away

image    So we have been captured in the house with ice and a little snow. This was fine but boring at least for me , lol. The youngest was fine with it because he never wants me to go anywhere anyway, neither does the hubby ever want to go anywhere but I am easily bored. So after knitting lots of sheep hats and an owl hat I am ready to go out. This upsets the youngest in some unfanthomable way and when I am out the backside is for lots of check my pulse. And so it has been as I did go to prayer team. Then Friday he was having a rough day, lots of invasive thought like ” I am having a heart attack, and “I am going to have a seizure.” Saturday was much the same except he decided he wanted to run away. So the conversation went something like this

” I want to run away, without my phone so you can’t trace me”

“so what are  you running away from, and what are you running to, sometimes it seems like a good idea to run away doesn’t it”

“I don’t know”

” well perhaps you should think about that and if you want to run away call up that person at the assisted living place and see if they have a room and a job for you to run to that would be ok. ”

So he decide not to run away .

Today’s sermon was about the solid foundation you build as you walk in faith with Christ.  Hopefully with a little push and a few planted seeds, the youngest will understand what a solid foundation he has so he can step out, and grow to be the person he is to be, invasive thoughts and all, knowing his foundation is solid. He said today that one of his favorite hymns was “The Solid Rock” which we sang in our little room during worship. Yes we all need a solid rock foundation and I am thankful that I have one and the youngest does also.