So this week was different . The youngest cancelled his Monday appointment which was unusual saying he just couldn’t handle it whatever that means and I thought ok everyone needs a break now and then. I had an appointment on Wednesday but the youngest was fretful so I ditched the errands I was going to do and just went to the appointment. Seemingly all was well,  it that made a dramatic  turn at supper.

The youngest has some tic’s which are annoying to him and while he was taking his meds he had some pretty strong tic’s  which caused him to spill his drink. Then on the fourth attempt , he had yet another tic, got angry and went into a full blown seizure – well I say seizure the docs at the ER said convulsion. So after a flurry of activity , first responders, emt’s, ambulance , the whole works we get to the ER. Blood drawn , IV started, interviews done, head CT complete then waiting. Lots of waiting. Neurology consult came did the neuro tests at bedside and more interviews and of course more waiting. So after all this all the tests were -tada- NORMAL . That’s right normal, everything was within normal limits. So the youngest was discharged and we came home after about 5 hours in the ER, not long for an ER visit really.

Now if you have a seizure this is not normal so how come the labs and everything was normal , well I do not know but here is what else went on. On my way to the hospital, I called the church as it was Wednesday night prayer team and let them know what was happening, I called the son-in-law because I couldn’t get in touch with the eldest and asked him to tell the eldest and for the eldest to get in touch with the brother and for a prayer chain to start immediately- all of which happened before I got to the ER. If you ask me prayer works in so many ways, I was calm (relatively) , the youngest was calm ( no dilated pupils), the ER was fairly quiet, the Hubby was calm(relatively) and we came home!!! So  yes indeed prayers do work now of course we have all the neurology follow up stuff to do, EEG, consult, perhaps an MRI , not sure about that but it would be fascinating to have a look at the youngest’s brain. And since his seizure was mainly on this left side that means his right brain was a little wonky. So we will see , but again  prayer works in so many ways and I am sure there are at least a hundred more that I didn’t see but were blessed with anyway so thanks be to the Father in heaven, one Father of all who is in all things, over  all things, and through all things and we thank Him for his presence on Wedneday evening as well as daily.