Standing in the gap

So I read this phrase “stand in the gap” the other day on a devotion that pops up on my email from time to time and I thought wow! So often I stand in the gap for the youngest because of this disease. And some days the gap seems wider and deeper and higher than other days so standing in the gap can be quite hard. Does anyone else stand in the gap?? Emphatically Yes, there is a whole church who has stood and continues to stand in the gap for my family. They offer prayers, emails, cards, and other innumerable little things standing in the gap. These little things are truly the building blocks of foundational faith.

Right now the gap between development and chronological age is wide , but fortunately we are working with therapists who are helping us to close that gap. The goal is to have the gap lessened so that there is very little gap left. My goal as a parent has always been to lead, guide and usher my children into adulthood that is productive, caring and God-loving, but with the youngest that process has been hijacked by this disease and I find myself confused at the process which has worked well with the other three. Perhaps it is the fact that I am older (lol) and not as  willing to put my foot down because after all the youngest has a mental health issue. I realize he still needs me to put my foot down, to be held accountable , to be productive and to live his life to his full potential and yet I am stymied about the process. So I struggle as I stand in the gap and I am thankful there are others who are also standing in the gap and perhaps together we can get the gap to be a little less wide, deep and hollow with the prayers and help of the Spirit Source.


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