Terrified, do not fear and stress

Isaiah 41:10 says do not fear,and there are many other verses which biblically state or demand that we do not fear. I read somewhere do not fear is written 365 times in the  Bible,one for each day of the year. And yet this week has been one of terror for the youngest. I do not know how to explain this because it is so very foreign from my head and my heart. So here goes; stress chemicals circulate throughout the brain at all times. These chemicals regulate all sorts of bodily functions like breathing, and monitor all sorts of things like CO2 levels and other stuff. When your brain has a disease like schizophrenia, these chemicals are deregulated. BIG TIME deregulated. So everyone gets a little stressed like going to the dentist, but for the youngest this becomes terror, not just stress. There seems to be a lot of things that cause him terror, like taking meds, traffic., noises, even watching TV causes terror. There is nothing I can do as a parent to relieve this terror and there is nothing so frustrating as knowing your child is in terror all the time!!!!

I can remain calm and I can pray and I can be present, but what if it isn’t enough? What if the terror overtakes him ? I find myself looking for things that are not necessarily there to relieve this terror which is so free floating  but very ghostly , coming and going without rhyme or reason. If there were one thing I could put into the youngest brain and have it stick above all else it would be that verse from John which says ” you will have trouble in this world but FEAR NOT, I have overcome this world.” Acknowledging there will be things , events ,and people,that will be stressful but also acknowledging that we have this advocate who understands and is present with us. So for today my prayer of for the terror to dissipate and the calmness to overcome.


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