So as things go we have had a slight set back. This is to be expected and so dealt with but disappointing all the same. Sunday the youngest decided not to go to church and then when I went began immediately texting come home, then no it’s ok, then come home early, then I can’t breathe , then it’s ok. What is a person to think all this within 20 minutes.

Monday off to his counseling appointment mid day and traffic got to him. His schedule was off so went to the park did some walking and home but he was having trouble with jerky movements and sometimes it interrupted his speech. By nightfall he was done saying no more medicine. Of course this could not happen as the drugs he is on are potent and potentially dangerous, so I offered to take him to the emergency room if he wasn’t  going to take his meds as he would need more monitoring than I had in me at that point.

He acquiesced and took his pills not happy about it but did it and then did a three sixty and asked me to stay in his room all night which I did- perhaps not the best thing being sucked into the drama again. This morning called and got an appointment to see his doctor but had to cancel my appointments so give and take. I have not noticed any jerky movements today .

I think perhaps with the inner circle opening a bit, the call from the residential  program, the late appointment and the schedule change as well as perhaps a low blood sugar made the tremors much worse. So today no book club, no going except to the park and lots of check my pulse. How many times do you step back before making a gain in the right direction at this point that is an unknown answer. So my prayer today is for some stability as the holidays approach with more changes of schedules, more people and more going to places occur. Oh, and peace lots of peace please as in Peace on earth good will towards man kind of peace which this broken world is in desperate need of these days.