Today is an indigo kind of day

The youngest has been struggling lately and this is not a new thing, however he seems to have dipped a bit lower and so with deep sighs, and restless agitated movements I had to question what was going on. He said he was stressed and I asked if he could define it better because I was having a hard time with this vague term stressed. He couldn’t. So I asked him if he could give his day a color what would it be would it be blue ,or red, or yellow or just what color would it be. He said it would be purple, indigo dark purple. Ok, so I thought about this for a few minutes and asked him why he felt it was so dark,he didn’t have an answer. So as an experiment I asked him to try to lighten the color of the purple and think of some things that were a little brighter, lighter than indigo. So we named some plants, lavender, pansies, mums, and some animals, hummingbirds, and hippos, and some minerals amethyst and Quartz. And then we just paused and I sat there praying that the Lord would show me how to direct this one to lift him out of this pit, this indigo pit. It was then that he finally told me that a friend of his is going to UNC-Asheville in the next month and also that we are being visited by our new grandson. Ah, so this is where the indigo comes from and where shall it go I do not know but I am daily praying for discernment on how to co-exist with this disease called schizoaffective/schizophrenia.

We all face challenges daily, none of us – the human population is exempt. We get to choose how we handle these challenges, and there are as many ways as there are people on the earth. Jesus said” you will have troubles, but FEAR NOT , I have OVERCOME this world.” ( John 16:33   ) and I cling to claim and lean into that promise daily.


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